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Home Remedies for Jaundice

Jaundice is a condition in which yellow discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes occur due to an increase in the bile pigments, namely, bilirubin in the blood. In many cases, yellowness in the white part of the eyes is more obvious than in the skin.
Symptoms of Jaundice

Following are the major jaundice symptoms:

1. Extreme weakness
2. Headache and fever
3. Loss of appetite
4. Severe constipation
5. Nausea
6. Yellow discoloration of the eyes, tongue, skin, and urine
7. Dull pain in the liver region

Causes of Jaundice

Following are the major jaundice causes:

1. Obstruction of the bile ducts
2. Haemolytic anaemia
3. certain diseases affecting the liver such as typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, and tuberculosis

Natural Home Remedies for Jaundice

Following are some of the effective home remedies for jaundice:

1. The green leaves of radish should be pounded and their juice extracted through cloth. Half a liter of this juice should he taken daily by an adult patient. It induces a healthy appetite and proper evacuation of bowels, and this result in gradual decrease of the trouble. In most cases, complete cure can be ensured within 8 or 10 days.
2. Take a glass of fresh tomato juice, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper early in the morning. It is an effective remedy for jaundice.
3. The juice extracted from the green leaves of pigeon pea should be taken in doses of 60 ml daily. It is an effective home remedy for jaundice.
4. Soak 8 kernels of almonds, 2 dried dates, and 5 small cardamoms overnight in water. The outer coating of the almond kernels and the inner seeds of dried dates should be removed the next morning and the whole material should be rubbed into a fine paste. Then, 50 grams of sugar and an equal amount of butter should be mixed in it and the patient should lick this mixture.
5. Take 1 glass of sugarcane juice, mixed with the juice of half a lime, and taken twice daily. It is very effective treatment for jaundice however it must be clean and preferably prepared at home.
6. You can also take 20 ml of lemon juice mixed with water several times a day. This will protect the damaged liver cells.
7. Boil 1 cup of barley in 3 liters of water and simmered for 3 hours. Drink it several times during the day. It is also an effective home remedy for jaundice.

Jaundice Treatment and Advice

1. Take moderate exercise, fresh air baths, and adequate rest
2. Take a simple light carbohydrate diet with exclusion of fats
3. Take juice fast for a week, and rest until the acute symptoms of the disease subside. After the juice fast, adopt an all-fruit diet for a further three to five days, taking three meals a day of fresh Juicy fruits at five-hourly intervals.

Herbal Remedies for Jaundice

1. The herb jaundice berry (Berberis vultaris) is very useful in jaundice. The pulverized bark should be given several times a day in doses of one-fourth of a teaspoon in the treatment of this disease, or the fluid extract should be given 2-4 ml doses.

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