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Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Yeasts are micro organisms (known as candida fungus) that normally grow around any part of the body such as underarms, between toes, etc. Yeast infection occurs when the number of these organisms increases beyond a certain level. It can affect both men and women. Yeast infection in women is very common in the vagina. Vaginal yeast infection produces a discharge like cottage cheese, vaginal itching, irritation in or around vagina, and sometimes, a burning sensation when passing urine. Typically, the acidity in the vagina keeps the level of yeast low. But with the drop in the acidity level (due to various conditions like menstruation period, pregnancy, diabetes or birth control pills), the number of yeast grows and causes the infection.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Following are the major yeast infection symptoms:

1. Itching and burning in the vagina
2. Swelling, itching, and burning around the skin surrounding the vagina
3. Vaginal discharge (white, thick and odorless)
4. Pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse
5. Burning sensation on the skin in and around the vagina during and even after urination

Causes of Yeast Infection

Following are the major yeast infection causes:

1. Low immunity level of the body
2. Use of some antibiotics
3. Physical and mental stress
4. Taking birth control pills
5. During menstrual cycles
6. Diabetic conditions
7. Wearing of tight inner wears
8. Usage of unclean inners and clothes
9. Improper cleaning and bathing of body parts
10. Using deodorants, perfumes, hair creams etc

Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Following are some of the effective home remedies for yeast infection:

1. Prepare a mixture of olive leaf extract with grapefruit seed extraction and a glass of water. It is very effective home remedy for yeast infection.
2. Make a paste of slippery elm powder and a little water. It is good natural cure for vulvar itching
3. Add 2 tablespoon baking soda to a lukewarm, shallow bath. It may help to relieve itchiness and discomfort.
4. Apply yogurt to vulva and inside the vagina. To insert yogurt into vagina, put some in the top of a tampon applicator, then insert the tampon into vagina. Remove it an hour later. This has a soothing effect and help to fight vaginal yeast infection.
5. Apply gentian violet on the vagina and the vulva. Wear a pad to avoid staining of the clothes. It is an effective natural cure for vaginal yeast infection.

Yeast Infection Treatment and Advice

1. Avoid using antibiotic
2. Drink at least two glasses of buttermilk daily. Including curd in the daily diet reduces the chances of yeast infection.
3. Wear loose cotton underwear or panties (no synthetic-fiber clothes).
4. Do not wear wet clothes
5. Do not keep your stomach empty for a long time.
6. Drink plenty of water and juices during the day
7. Take vegetables, salads and whole grain cereals in plenty
8. Avoid the use of feminine sprays, or perfumes in your vaginal area

Herbal Remedies for Yeast Infection

1. Apply fresh garlic paste directly on the affected part of the body. This remedy is for other affected parts of the body and not for the vaginal yeast infection. It is very effective natural herbal remedy for yeast infection.
2. Take few drops of tea tree oil poured on a tampon and inserted in the vagina. It will provide some relief.

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