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Kapha Dosha, Properties and Various functions

Kapha formed from earth and water, cements the elements in the body, providing the material for physical structure. It is responsible for the maintenance of all creations taking place in the body. All the activities of the skeletal and the anabolic system come under kapha. It provides the structure and the lubrication needed by the body. It works as glue that holds the body cells together. It supplies the water to all bodily parts and systems. It lubricates joints, moisturizes the skin and maintains immunity.

Properties of kapha

The various properties of kapha are oily, cold, heavy, slow acting, slimy, soft and stable. The major site of kapha is chest and the other sites are throat, head, trachea, joints, stomach, lymph, fat tissue, nose and tongue.

The main quality of kapha is heavy. Kapha people are blessed with strength and stamina. The skin tends to be oily and smooth. The people predominant to kapha tend to gain weight and have a slow metabolism. Kapha types are calm, tolerant and forgiving. They may become lethargic with the time but their long-term memory is very sharp. Kapha type people tend to have diseases like sinus congestion, flu, diseases involving mucous, diabetes, water retention and headaches.

Various functions provided by kapha

- Mass and structure to provide fullness to bodily tissues.

- Fertility and virility to produce healthy offspring

- Strength to perform physical tasks

- Moistness to prevent the occurrence of friction between different parts of the body

- Provides stability to both mind and the body.

Various effects produced by balanced kapha

- Strong sexual potency and immunity

- Adequate moisture and lubrication throughout the body

- Regular appetite and strong digestion

- Good nutritional status with strong bones

- Physiological amounts of respiratory moisture

How to balance Kapha dosha?

Imbalanced kapha results in poor nutritional status, decreases mucous, loose joints, weakened physique, slow digestion and lack of appetite. In order to balance the kapha one should avoid heavy foods, dairy products, fatty oily foods, and cold drinks. Light and dry food should be consumed.

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