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 Triphala Composition

  • Haritaki

  • (Terminalia chebula)

  • Amalaki

  • (Emblica officinalis)

  • Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica)

Common name


Triphala is a composite herbal preparation containing equal proportions of Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki.

- Haritaki: It is a rasayana for the eyes and good for the digestive system. It helps enhance the absorption of nutrients in food. Haritaki is a yogavahini, which means that it cleanses the channels and is absorbed quickly by the body. In addition, the Charaka Samhita says that Haritaki is all-dosha balancing.

- Amalaki: It is also a rasayana, which means that it has longevity-enhancing and disease-defying qualities. The Charaka Samhita says that it is the best among rejuvenative herbs. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, and is the most concentrated and absorbable source of the vitamin in the plant kingdom. It also contains other absorbable minerals that nourish the skin, the blood and the whole body. Because of its high content of Vitamin C, it is a powerful antioxidant.

- Bibhitaki: It is ideal for pacifying both Pitta and Kapha, and that it cleanses the nutritive fluid (Rasa Dhatu), the blood, the muscle and the fat tissue. Sushruta points out the bhedana effect of this fruit, which means that because of its heating quality it clears the clogged channels almost as if drilling them clear.

Health Benefits of Triphala

- It helps in curing the viral infection and leukemia.
- Triphala helps in expelling stones from the urinary tracts.
- It helps in natural colon cleansing and also used in relieving constipation.
- It is a strong rejuvenator of the body especially for the vision, hair and voice.
- It is helpful in reducing the lipid levels in the liver and heart.
- Triphala helps in curing the viral infection and leukemia.
- It is also responsible for promoting wisdom and intellect.
- It helps in reducing the excessive weight.
- It is believed to promote tissue growth and health.

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Triphala - Internal Cleanser
Triphala - Balancing Formula for Detoxification
Triphala - Balancing Formula for Detoxification & Rejuvenation, 90 tabs

Triphala is recommended and used more than any other Ayurvedic herbal formulation. Popular for its unique ability to gently cleanse and detoxify the system while simultaneously replenishing and nourishing it, this traditional formula supports the proper functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and genitourinary systems. Triphala readily removes excess vata, pitta and kapha from the body, bringing balance and proper functioning to the system. It is commonly taken as a supplement to help maintain balance of the doshas.

* Assists natural internal cleansing
* Gently maintains regularity
* Nourishes and rejuvenates the tissues
* Supports healthy digestion and absorption
* Natural antioxidant

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