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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing concern for men who ejaculates sooner before complete sexual satisfaction. The embarrassment of PE is difficult for some men to talk about to their partner or doctor. Realize that this embarrassment may make the situation worse and prolong the problem.

Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs more in younger men, as older men tend to have a better idea on how to control their release. Both men and women have to suffer as man feels guilty or ashamed of not controlling his ejaculation, preventing a woman from reaching orgasm. The causes of PE are both physical and mental.

Stop Premature Ejaculation

DuraMale is rated as the #1 herbal premature ejaculation pills to delay and control ejaculation time. It is a powerful combination of herbs and nutrients that help in eliminating rapid climax, enhancing erections, and improving the quality and quantity of semen and sperm count. This powerful supplement helps to increase male stamina, sex drive and performance, improve fertility, and gives stronger and firmer erections.

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Natural Gain Plus

The Natural Gain Plus program is the most powerful natural male enhancement program available. This program combines exercise techniques and a blend of natural herbal ingredients providing men with increased blood flow, firmer, stronger, and fuller- feeling erections.

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Virility EX

Virility EX maximizes your erection potential and give you the firmer, fuller-feeling erections you deserve. Healthy blood flow is the key to Natural Male Enhancement. This natural blend includes Yohimbe, and Maca as well as Tongkat Ali, which are known to improve blood flow and circulation as well as enhance physical performance, including stamina.

If you want to increase your control and stop premature ejaculation, the below advice could be helpful. Start talking to your partner and try these steps to stop PE.

Build your body healthy and strong – Get regular exercise and build your body healthy and strong. A healthy body just functions better, so get regular exercise to increase cardiovascular health and blood flow. Having a healthy physique also helps with some of the mental aspects of premature ejaculation by increasing your confidence.

Talk to your partner - Involve your partner in lovemaking. Whatever you do, talk to your partner, especially if you want to try something new so you can last longer. Being open with your partner can help remove some of your stress and keeps you relax.

Practice meditation for control – Meditation is considered as one of the best natural way to control you mentally. So consider deep breathing and meditation exercises to increase your overall control and stop rapid climax.

Try kegel exercises - Kegel exercises involve tightening the pelvic muscles and holding them several times a day until the muscles are stronger and you have greater control. Flex them wherever and whenever you can, working up to 200 reps a day.

Increase foreplay time - Women generally take longer to reach orgasm than men. You can help her along by spending more time with foreplay before the main event. Better you involve your partner in foreplay and extend ejaculation time.

Try squeeze technique – In this method the partner pinches the tip or base of the man's penis before ejaculation. This decreases the amount of blood flow to the penis, causing the man to lose his erection.

Go for second time round - Men often take a longer time to ejaculate during the second time. If the first time was too quick, you may want to engage in extended foreplay or oral stimulation while preparing for a repeat performance.

Try condoms for decreased sensitivity - Condoms can help decrease the amount of stimulation during intercourse. Ribbed condoms are often the least sensitive. This is easiest and effective way to stop premature ejaculation.

Try woman on top sexual positions - It is suggested that lying down with the woman on top is the best way of prolonging an erection during intercourse. This causes the man to be relaxed and can better guide their thrusting to delaying the inevitable.

Herbal remedies, supplements and massage oils – There are several natural tonics that boost male stamina. They come in different forms like supplements, oils, creams and herbal pills for male enhancement. Some common among them are asparagus (Safed musli), garlic, drumstick and shilajit.

There are several more methods and techniques that help to stop premature ejaculation. For complete information on how to cure PE and control climax, be sure to grab this ebook on PE - 25 Methods To Cure Premature

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