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Copper Supplements

Copper is mostly absorbed at the level of the duodenum in the intestine. Approximately 32% of copper in the diet is absorbed and excess gets excreted in the bile. The amount of copper in are adult body is estimated to be between 100-150 mg. Liver is the main store. Minute amount (0.1-0.5 mg) is present in blood.

The average serum copper levels are higher in adult females than in males. It further increases significantly in women during pregnancy and when on oral pills. Copper content of the brain and liver of foetus and infant is such greater than that of an adult to prevent deficiency in the sucking period.

Copper Supplements
Copper, 2 mg, 100 capsules
Copper, 2 mg, 100 capsules

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule with a meal. Each capsule provides 2mg of Copper (as copper gluconate).

* Serving Size - 1 capsule
* Does Not Contain: Yeast, Corn, Wheat, Sugar, Salt, Soy, Dairy, Citrus, Fish, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors Added.

Function of Copper in Our Body

• It is required for absorption of iron.
• It is also good for the bones, and regulates sugar.
• Tiny amounts of copper are necessary for the formation of hemoglobin.
• It catalyses the oxidation of the ferrous ion to ferric ion, and thereby enables iron to be trapped by transferring, the protein carrying iron in the body. It is then transported to tissues for the synthesis of iron-containing compounds, mainly hemoglobin.
• It also forms and integral part of certain enzymes likes tyrosinase, uricase, oxidase, cytochrome etc.
• It makes an amino acid-tyrosine, useable, which works for pigmentation in hair and skin.
• It is also essential for utilization of vitamin C.
• Copper strengthens the muscular system and is thus believed help in treating arthritis. People drink water kept in copper vessels and also wear copper ring or bracelet to get relief from this disease.

Natural Sources of Copper

Copper is found in fresh and dried fruit, green and leafy vegetables. It is available in liver, kidney, shellfish, and dried legumes. Milk is poor in copper. Soft water has more copper than the reservoir water.

Daily Requirement of Copper

The RDA of 0.4-0.7 mg for infants, 0.7-2.5 mg for children, and 1.5-3 mg for adults is considered safe and adequate daily dietary intakes. Normal mixed diet is quite adequate.

Copper Deficiency

• Copper deficiency leads to Normochromic microcytic anaemia which causes failure in proper absorption of iron.
• Copper deficiency sometimes also causes abnormality like Neutropenia.


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