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Iron Supplements

Iron is of great importance in human nutrition for healthy blood and vitality. Though it is considered as a trace element, it is responsible for oxygen transport and cellular respiration.

Iron is found in the body as

• Iron porphyrins in haemoglobin , myoglobin.
• Iron enzymes in catalase, cytochrome and peroxidases.
• Non-iron porphyrins in transferring, ferritin and haemosiderin.

The total daily iron loss of an adult is less than 1 mg. Iron loss occurs due to loss of blood in haemorrhage, loss integumental tissues, during menstrual period, and pregnance/labour. When red blood cells are broken down, the liberated iron is not excreted, but is reutilized in the formation of new red cells.

Whole blood contains about 45-50 mg of iron per 100 ml. All the red cells contain a total quantity of about 3 gm of iron. The rest of the body contains another 1-3 gm of iron.

Iron is present in blood in two forms as:

• Plasma Iron
• Haemoglobin Iron

The absorption of iron depends upon

• Iron requirement of the individual e.g. increased during growth, anaemia, menstruation pregnancy, haemorrhage, etc.
• Form of iron compound e.g. the inorganic form of ferric available in food is to be first converted into organic ferrous form for best absorption.
• Reaction of the gastro intestinal tract e.g., the acidity of gastric juice helps liberation of iron from organic compounds of diet, and reduction from ferric to ferrous form of iron. Thus absorption is retarded by low gastric acidity, excessive mucus and administration of alkalies.
• Vitamin C and Calcium e.g., Vitamin C helps in reducing the ferric to ferrous state for absorption of iron form food. Small amount of Calcium decreases the formation of insoluble iron phosphates and thus promote absorption, but large amounts of Calcium inhibit assimilation.
• Pigments i.e., Chlorophyll and bile pigments increase the absorption of iron.

Iron Supplements
Slow Fe Slow Release Iron Tablets
Slow Fe Slow Release Iron Tablets 90-Count Box

High Potency. Slow Fe® with its unique controlled delivery system gives you the high potency iron you need with the gentleness you want.

* Gentle to Your System - clinically shown to reduce the side effects (constipation and abdominal discomfort) common to iron use.
* Doctor Preferred Ingredient - Slow Fe contains ferrous sulfate, the ingredient most recommended by doctors.
* Small Tablet - once a day dosage easy-to swallow Slow Fe provides the high dose of iron your body needs.

Formula: Each tablet contains: Active Ingredient - 160 mg. dried ferrous sulfate, SUP, equivalent to 50 mg. elemental iron. 

Ferro-Sequels High Potency Iron Supplement Tablets
Ferro-Sequels High Potency Iron Supplement Tablets - 100 each

The effective way to treat iron deficiency. Optimal absorption with less gastric upset. Dual action formula! High potency/Easy to swallow, and they contain low sodium.

Function of Iron in Our Body

Various functions of iron in our body are:

• Formation of haemoglobin (Hb) by synthesis.
• Development of red cells by their formation and maturation.
• Carrying of Oxygen in blood in the form of Hb; 1 gm of Hb carries about 1.34 ml of oxygen.
• Tissue oxidation as cytochrome and indophenol oxidase are iron containing compounds concerned with the oxidation of metabolites in the cells.
• Supply of Oxygen to the muscle, as the myoglobin of muscle is an iron-containing chromoprotein like haeemoglomin, which combines will oxygen and acts as an oxygen store for muscle.
• Cell nucleus function, the chromatin of the nucleus contains iron which takes an active part (may be oxidative) in the functions of nuclei.
• Oxidation in nerve cells, as nissl granules in the cytoplasm of the nerve cells contain organically combined iron, which serves an essential role in oxidation. There granules disappear during activity of the nerve cells, and reappear during rest.
• Prevents fatigue and aids growth. Iron increases resistance to stress and disease.

Natural Sources of Iron

All wholegrain cereals, pulses, legumes, jaggery, fish, and animal foods like egg, liver, meat etc. (except milk, butter), and vegetables like dry lotus stem, cauliflower greens, turnip greens, lentils, peas, green leafy ones and fruits like black currants, water melons, raisins, dried dates are good sources of Iron.

Daily Requirement of Iron

The RDA of 1.0 mg/kg for infants, 20 mg for children, 25 mg for boys, 35 mg for girls, 24 mg for adult men, 32 mg during lactation is suggested. Normal diet provides required need. Adolescent boys/girls, and women during pregnancy and lactation need more of it.

Iron Deficiency

• Iron deficiency causes secondary anaemia (hypochromic), as the haemoglobin content of the red cells is lowered. The size and volume of the red cells get reduced.
• Iron deficient person feel fatigued, lethargic, vulnerable to infections and irritable.
• The deficiency of iron results in lowered resistance to disease, general run out, pale complexion, shortness of breath on exertion, loss of interest in sex, mental depression, and irritability.
• With iron deficiency you might feel colder than others and take time to warm up, as in this condition your body may produce low thyroid hormone (which is one of its heat regulators).


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