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Vitamins B5 Supplements

Pantothenic Acid is a pale yellow oily liquid. It is non crystalline but its crystallized form as calcium salt is easily available. It gets destroyed in acidic and alkaline solutions, but it stable in neutral medium.

Food processing, caffeine, sulphur drugs, sleeping pills, alcohol etc, also destroy it. Recent work indicates a more specific role for pantothenic acid in the biosynthesis of corticosteroids. Human blood normally contains 18 to 35 mg of pantothenic acid per 100 ml.

Functions of Pantothenic Acid in Our Body

• It is considered necessary for synthesis of antibiotics, nervous and digestive system.
• It is expected to blacken hair, though not proved.
• It is a part of the enzyme to metabolize protein, carbohydrate and fats and also helps in synthesis of amino acids.
• It is also reported to be responsible for pigmentation of blood cells.
• It is considered beneficial in stress relieving, arthritis, infections, skin disorders, and premature graying.

Natural Sources of Pantothenic Acid

It is widely distributed both in animal and plant foods. It is found in whole wheat, peanut, mushroom, soyabean, brewer’s yeast, peas, molasses, kidney, liver, brain etc.

Daily Requirement of Pantothenic Acid

It is felt that about 4-10 mg for men and 4-7 mg for women of Pantothenic Acid per day would suffice us, since no definite requirement has been worked out.

Pantothenic Acid Deficiency

• Its deficiency may result in dermatitis, fatty liver, degeneration of spinal cord, and gastro intestinal disturbances.
• Its deficiency may also cause dizzy spells, skin disorders and disturbance in digestion.

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