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Vitamins B6 Supplements

Vitamin B6 exists in the three forms:

• Pyridoxine
• Pyridoxal
• Pydrioxamine

It plays and important role in the metabolism of amino acids, fats and carbohydrate. Vitamin B6 is absorbed mainly in jejunum, and to some extent an ileum, and colon.

Certain food preservation methods destroy this vitamin B-6. The vitamin B-6 is fast destroyed from foods, when they are preserved for a long time, or cooked, or heated, or exposed to sunlight, or some chemicals are added. Even dehusking of wheat robs it of Vitamin B-6 to the extent of 80-90%.

Functions of Vitamin B6 in Our Body

• It plays an important part in the metabolism of amino acids, fats and carbohydrates.
• It helps in the synthesis of fats from proteins and carbohydrates.
• It has a vital role in biosynthesis of gamma-amino butyric acid in the brain.
• It is involved in active transport of amino acids and certain irons across cell membranes.
• It is intimately concerned with the metabolism of the central nervous system.
• It is one nutrient which is most essential for maintaining a healthy heart.
• Its daily supplement gives relief from premenstrual syndrome.
• It activates many enzymes and helps in food assimilation.
• It produces antibodies to protect against bacterial diseases.
• It monitors a balance between sodium and potassium, and helps absorption of Vitamin B12.

Natural Sources of Pyridoxine

The Pyridoxine is found in large quantity in liver, meat, egg yolk, kidney, yeast, fish, whole cereals, seeds, banana, peanuts, soyabean, unpolished rice, whole wheat, carrots, potatoes, corn and legumes.

Daily Requirement of Pyridoxinee

The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of pyridoxine is 10-125 mg. Elderly people, women pregnant or on pills, and heart patients need Vitamin B-6 in larger quantities.

Pyridoxine Deficiency

• Low intake of this vitamin increases the risk of heart attack and leads to poor immune functions in elderly people.
• Its deficiency may also results in nerve impairment and tingling sensations in hands.
• Its deficiency causes heart disease in women.
• The deficiency of Vitamin B-6 causes atherosclerosis. In such deficiency the blood begins to clot faster and the chances of a heart attack also rise.
• Its deficiency may also cause dizziness, vomiting, glossitis (eruptions on tongue), peculiar dermatitis (acrodynia), reduced growth, degeneration of the nerves, reproductive failure, anaemia, weakness of muscles, convulsive seizures, and cheilosis.

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