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Vitamin E Supplements

Vitamin E is the generic name for a group of closely related and naturally occurring fat soluble compounds, the tocopherols. Of these, alpha-tocopherol is biologically the most potent.

Natural Vitamin E derived from natural vegetables oil is known as D-Alpha Tocopherol and synthetic one as D-1 Alpho Tocopherol Acetate. It is claimed natural Vitamin E has 36% greater potency, and it remains in the body for a much longer period, and twice as effective as compared to synthetic Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Supplements
Vitamin E 400 I.U. Water Soluble, (300 Softgels)
Vitamin E 400 I.U. Water Soluble, (300 Softgels)

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights damaging natural substances known as free radicals. It is incorporated into the fat-based tissues of the body, such as the heart, fat-carrier molecules such as LDL (bad cholesterol), and our cell membranes, where it acts to stabilize these structures and protect them from free radical attack. Vitamin E also protects our cells from compounds such as lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. Vitamin E is complimentary to vitamin C, and it's recommended that people take them together.

Water-soluble vitamin E is preferred for people who have difficulty absorbing fat and may suffer from deficiencies consuming fat-soluble vitamins. Because of vitamin E's strong antioxidant effects, it's an important part of an individual's daily regimen, and addresses heart health, men's and women's health, longevity, prenatal care, memory, and fitness.

Functions of Vitamin E in Our Body

• It prevents frequent miscarriage in women.
• It relieves hot flushes and depression in menopausal women.
• It is essential for normal function of muscles.
• It prevents peroxidation and brown pigmentation due to formation of highly unsaturated fatty acids.
• It prevents hepatic necrosis caused by deficiency of sulphur-containing amino acids and selenium.
• It helps fight against the free radicals, is beneficial for the skin and helps prevent wrinkle formation by preventing the oxidative damage caused by ultraviolet light.
• It acts protective in heart disease and diabetes.
• It prevents tissue damage in case of ischemia and injury, management of leg cramps and rheumatoid arthritis, and has anticoagulant effect.
• It is useful in restricting the oxidative damage caused by cigarette smoking, and checks tissues damages from accelerated free radicals among alcoholics.
• It protects the body from harmful, tumor-promoting chemicals in smoked, pickled and cured foods.
• Vitamin E decreases clotting of blood inside blood vessels, and hence, is beneficial for checking the varicose veins.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is available in leafy vegetables, corn, soyabean wheat, and whole grain cereals, and nut and vegetables seeds oil. It is found in milk, egg, fish and muscles. Food rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are often rich also in Vitamin E. The foods of animal origin are generally low in Vitamin E. It is also prepared synthetically.

Daily Requirement of Vitamin E

The average daily requirement is about 8 to 10 mg in males and 7-8 mg in females of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Deficiency

• Vitamin E deficiency produces muscular dystrophy, resulting in increased uptake of oxygen.
• Low Vitamin E level in the blood can increase the risk for certain cancer of lung, breast and gastrointestinal tract.

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